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NDG NetLab+ Setup & Operation

Track Room Location: A105B


This course will cover the design and implementation of the Netlab+ online lab environment for a typical academic class environment. Netlab+ enables instructors to create online accessible labs that use a combination physical gear on the back-end, virtual machines running in VMware vSphere and standard as well as custom lab content that students can access from anywhere.

Basic “hands-on” setup of the appliance (including the networking and server infrastructure required) will be covered as well as class construction, student management and pod deployment. Attendees will be able to perform the class & pod deployment on live gear as well as demo a selection of the labs from a student perspective.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role of the Netlab+ administrator and be comfortable performing the basic tasks of Netlab+ administration.
  • Understand the role of the instructor in a Netlab+ environment and be able to manage the online class in Netlab+.
  • Be able to deploy a Netlab+ appliance, understand the system architecture and bring up required servers as needed by a given lab design


None, other than general familiarity with networking and servers. Some experience with VMware vSphere would be helpful but not required.


Your instructor Curt Chambers has spent the last five years supporting and instructing in a Netlab+ online lab environment at Madison Area Technical College. Currently Curt is teaching both the VMware vSphere ICM course and an introductory Microsoft Server course at the College. Previous to that Curt spent 13 years as the VP of Operations & Technology for Punchstock, a leading online retailer of stock images for the advertising and design industry that was ultimately purchased by Getty Images

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