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Ethical Hacking

Track Room Location: A105E


The Ethical Hacking Course is an advanced course that covers many of the common attacks used by hackers to exploit systems, such as SQL injection, spear phishing and buffer overflows.

The instructor performs a live demonstration of these techniques and shows you how to create, pack, and deploy malware in a realistic network environment. The class also includes demonstrations and labs on IPv6 Exploitation, Denial of Service, and extracting passwords from RAM, and more.

Students will get access to 19 hands on labs where they will get to attack systems and use tools part of every hacker’s toolkit, including Poison Ivy, Dark Comet, Metasploit, and Armitage. The full lab environment will provided via Netlabs and no VM’s will be required on the students local computers.

Attendees of this workshop will better understand the hacker’s perspective and methodology.


  • Understand and use the tools and techniques used by professional penetration testers.
  • Be able to use the pre-packaged Ethical Hacker Netlabs+ pod and labs for teaching an ethical hacking class at your own school.


Good working knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems. Basic knowledge of networking services (http, smtp, etc….)


Your instructor Mike Masino has spent the last eleven years teaching networking and security at Madison Area Technical College. Previous to that Mike worked for the UW and UW Extension in a variety of IT Networking, Programming, and Electronics Design positions.

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