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Introduction to Digital Forensics

Track Room Location: A105H


This course will introduce the student to digital forensic tools and techniques as they apply to the four phases of the digital investigation:

  • Seizure
  • Acquisition
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

The focus will be on open source tools. The students will image a device and apply data integrity and mining tools.

Students will use DD and Netcat for data acquisition, Autopsy/Sleuth Kit for data mining, and Scalpel for data carving. Also a collection of live forensic tools will be looked at.

A survey of mobile device tools and techniques and their special issues will be introduced.

The students should gain a basic understanding of forensic tools and techniques and be able to recover data from some compromised storage devices.

To understand device acquisition and image integrity.
To understand essential and non-essential data as it pertains to forensics.
To understand basic data mining tools and techniques.


Students should have a good working knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems.


Your instructor, Craig Newman, has spent the last ten years teaching digital forensics and security at Madison Area Technical College. Previous to that Craig worked for the Madison Metropolitan School District as a systems programmer and was a voting member of ICANN.

Cell: 608-658-2855

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